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Is that what football smells like?

Create the theater room that is right for you

Selling your home: Dont fumble in the final few yards!

Hunziker Top Ten Tailgate Foods

Links to Area Schools Sports Schedules

Basement Flooding READ THIS!

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Is that what football smells like?

Tailgating The smell of football is in the air. Yes, the smells of burgers, brats, hot dogs and steaks on the grill are wafting out across the massive parking lots where tens of thousands of cardinal and gold faithful have gathered hours prior to kick-off. The sights, sounds and activity is everywhere. The marching band is playing the fight song as it makes its way through the throng toward the stadium. While dodging an occasional vehicle, people are throwing footballs, playing bean-bag toss and other games. Friends, families and acquaintances are talking and laughing while gathered around the beverage coolers and tables full of tasty snacks. For many, the football game, and the football season are much more than the game itself and the number of wins and losses tallied. The football game day experience, simply called tailgating, is a time to enjoy the day with friends and family, as well as an opportunity to make new friends. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite tailgating recipes, and hope that you will have an opportunity to try some of them at your next tailgating event. Oh, by the way, enjoy the game too!


Smart tips for enjoying the game in your own Home Theater

Football season is here. Time for great game food, big plays, monumental victories, and most of all camaraderie with good friends and family. To maximize your game experience, perhaps you have considered creating a home theater room or a "man room" equipped with cutting-edge technology.

305 Ridgewood Theater Room If you are concerned with how this might affect the value of your home, here are some practical tips to make your investment both as fabulous and as smart as possible.
  • When considering whether your investment will add value to your home, remember this guideline: Converting previously unusable or low-function space to usable space will always increase value. For example, converting an unfinished attic or basement into functional space will bring additional value to a home. According to a National Association of Realtors study, home sale prices increased at least 30% for every 1000 square feet of livable space added. Conversely, converting a high-function area (such as a bedroom in a home with few bedrooms) to a taste specific room with only one purpose may actually decrease value.

  • Another consideration is versatility if square footage is in short supply. If you can amp up an existing family room into a theatre room while still maintaining its function as a multi-use area, you will appeal to far more potential buyers in the future if you decide to sell your home. Using materials like built-in cabinetry and classy furnishings (rather than, for example, a purely sports bar theme) will also help create a universally enjoyable room.

  • Be smart in purchasing materials, and don't go overboard. To darken a room easily, consider blackout curtains, darker carpet and furnishings, and flat paint (so it does not reflect light). Consider softer lighting that will reduce glare. To soundproof an area, flooring like cork is inexpensive and effective.

  • Also consider your neighborhood. If you live in an upscale neighborhood where square footage is abundant and extras are expected, home theaters may be an appropriate value-raising investment. Spending on extras like home theaters should always be proportional to home values.

For some inspiration, check out these great theater rooms!

Selling your home: Don't fumble in the final few yards!

You are in the process of selling your home. You have a great property, have cleaned, and done lots of work to prepare. You are almost there! Here are a few more tips so that you don't drop the ball so close to the touchdown:
  • Staging is incredibly important! While you may know how great your home is, some buyers may not immediately see all it has to offer. Try to think of yourself as a new home buyer, and go through your home with fresh eyes. What would your look for? What simple rearranging or easy decor would help your home show better or emphasize positive features (or downplay negative ones)? Remember potential buyers are looking for spaciousness, flow, and may have different needs or design taste than you. If this imagining isn't your cup of tea, enlist the help of your Realtor or a particularly design-savvy friend and make necessary changes

  • Finish those little projects. Whether it's replacing broken outlet covers, removing peeling wallpaper, painting window sills, fixing leaky faucets, or weeding tired landscaping, neglecting to finish those little issues may send a message to potential buyers that the home was neglected. This could affect the amount of money buyers are willing to offer, and could even prevent an offer from being made at all.

  • If you are going to spend money to add value to the home, take care of maintenance issues before cosmetic ones. For example, most people would rather have a leaky old roof replaced than an outdated-but-functional bathroom updated. Consider fixing or replacing the air conditioner, water heater, heater, roof, siding, structural or foundation damage, old pipes or any electrical issues before major cosmetic projects.

  • Remember the outside of your home. First impressions are key, so make sure everything is clean, orderly, and well-maintained. Make it look welcoming with colorful cushions on chairs, bright potted plants, and well-trimmed landscaping. While landscaping is certainly an asset, moderation is key. Do not add too much elaborate landscaping, as potential buyers without a green thumb may only see maintenance, sweat, and hassle.
Keeping these guidelines in mind, you might just score a sale!
Tailgate Food

Hunziker Top Ten Tailgate Foods

Grilled Hot Wings

Crunchy Nacho Dogs

Cocktail Wieners

Ramen Noodle Crunchy Coleslaw

Brats with Sauerkraut

Garden Salsa

Pickle Roll-ups

Spicy Sausage Dip

Spinach Dip


Links to Area Schools Sports Schedules

Iowa State University Sports Schedule

DMACC Athletics Schedule

Ames High School Sports Schedule

Ankeny High School Sports Schedule

Gilbert High School Sports Schedule

Nevada High School Sports Schedule

Roland/Story High School Sports Schedule

Ballard High School Sports Schedule

If you had recent flooding or moisture problems in your basement, READ THIS!

It is critical that you document all damages and every repair so that when you sell your home in the future you can protect yourself from lawsuits. Neglecting to disclose any damages- even if they have been repaired- leaves you liable for lawsuits and could cost you substantial sums of money. If you are currently in the process of selling your home, do not forget to update your Sellers Disclosure form!
For more information click here.

Ames Market Numbers*

  Ames 2010 Ames 2009 Story County 2010 Story County 2009
Active listings as of 9/1 290 228   220 NA
Homes SOLD Recent 12 mo. 503 540   232 263
Average Sale Price $183,642 $183,612   $135,798 $132,965
Average Days on the Market 90 96   111 124
Sale Price to List Price Ratio 95.0% 95.1%   92.9% 91.8%

*Based on Sales information as reported to the Ames Multiple Listing Service as of 9/1
Ames - Ames Residential and Rural Subdivisions
Story County - Residential, excluding Ames and Ames Rural Subdivisions
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