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Interest Rate Information


Do You Want More Space? A Bigger Yard?
A Different Neighborhood? A Newer Kitchen? More Bedrooms?
Now You Can!

IntRateHouseCompare.jpg Want to make a smart decision financially by investing in a better home? If you purchased a $166,792 home in 2008 and financed it at 6%, your principal and interest payment would be $1,000 as depicted by the illustration to the right. Today, with the interest rates at record lows, you could invest in a larger home and keep your principal & interest (P/I) payment the same as it is now. Start looking today. Take advantage of historically low interest rates and get more home for your money.



Plant Trees to Increase Home Value and Lower Energy Costs

Fall is a great time to plant trees in your yard. Trees are easy to take care, but everyone must be careful as to where they are planting trees and what kinds of trees are being planted. Before you dig contact Iowa One Call to have a professional come and mark your yard for underground untilities. Now to pick the right tree and location for your needs. If a person would like a tree with a lot of leaves, they should plant the tree on the west side of the house so it can shade the house, therefore lowering the cooling costs. In the winter when the leaves fall off of the tree and the sun can shine through, the sun can help heat the house, lowering the heating costs. If a homeowner decides evergreens are right for their home they will want to plant them on the north side of their home to block the winter winds, and also lowering the heating bill. Before you are completely set on where you want your new landscaping, remember that the tree will get bigger, so when planting it look for power lines and other things above the surface as well as below the surface to protect the foundation of your home and underground lines. One Tip is to stay at least 10 to 15 feet away from the house foundation and at least 5 feet away from fences, patios and other surface structures.

When planting your tree without professional assistance be sure to remember to dig the hole deep enough and wide enough; this may sound simple but it is a mistake that is made often. Trees can add a nice "little something" to your home and can save some pennies from being sent to you utility company. Mature trees provide many benefits including increasing your property value. Several recent nationwide surveys show that mature trees in a well-landscaped yard can increase the value of a house by 7 percent to 19 percent. Be sure to do some research as to what kind of tree you would like and make sure you are putting it in a safe spot where it can grow and be the most beneficial to your yard, home, and family.

Helpful Links
Choosing The Right Tree
Tree Selection Guide
Arbor Day Foundation "Right Tree Quiz"

Walkability Adds Value

Walkability Ames, with its beautiful parks, fun places to go, and wonderful Iowa State Campus, is a great place to get out there and walk around. One would say that Ames may be very "walkable". Walkability is how walking friendly an area is and it can actually add value to your home. Some communities have a better walkability score than others because they offer things like:
  • Public places that people want to go and get together
  • Main streets where speed is controlled
  • Pedestrian-centric design
  • A town center with activities, shops, and small businesses
Ames not only has the four ideas listed above, but also public transportation, which makes the city easier to get around in without having to use your car. Cy-Ride has stops all over Ames that are usually in walking distance no matter where you live and can get you to the fun activities going on in the community.

Follow the link below to get a walkability score for your home.

MonthlyMaintenanceTip Although fall is a time for leaves to change colors and flowering plants start to fade away, there are some things that you can do in the fall, that will ensure that your lawn, trees, and landscaping can look good before the bitter cold comes and look great when it warms back up.
  • Fertilize your Yard - The grasses that are in Iowa or the states that get cold in the winter respond to fertilization well in September and sometimes in late October or November as well.
  • Seed Bare or Dead Patches - It has been said that if you seed grass in fall there will be less weeds in the Spring.
  • Trim Trees and Shrubs - Remove any dead, diseased or damaged parts on a tree and also remove any branches that aren't growing the way you would like them to. Also, if there is a shrub or small tree that is not quite in the place you would like, fall is a great time to transplant it.
  • Sad to See the Flowers Go, Plant Mums - they can bloom until August and September and add that last little pop of color to your yard
Fall is also a great season to decorate your yard. Hay bales straw, pumpkins and gourds are nice touches that can leave your yard looking great, but adds a nice autumn touch!


Ames Market Numbers*

  Ames 2011 Ames 2010 Story County 2011 Story County 2010
Active listings as of 9/1 318 290   199 216
Homes SOLD Recent YTD 376 365   161 152
Average Sale Price $179,116 $181,699   $129,614 $136,652
Average Days on the Market 103 83   105 122
Sale Price to List Price Ratio 94.6% 95.2%   92.5% 92.9%

*Based on Sales information as reported to the Central Iowa Multiple Listing Service as of 9/1
Ames - Ames Residential and Rural Subdivisions
Story County - Residential, excluding Ames and Ames Rural Subdivisions
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